April 16, 2018

Carrots and Fluster, Oh My!

This handsome dish comes straight from my good friend, ultra runner, vegan, and overall cool guy Steve! He got his hands on some Kiki’s Flustered Mustard […]
April 2, 2018

Kiki’s Rad Roasted Supreme

Kiki’s Rad Roasted Supreme Ingredients: 2 handfuls of Brussel sports 1 small sweet potato Kiki’s Flustere Mustard Balsamic Vinegar Olive Oil Salt Pepper This excellent meal […]
April 1, 2018

Devilish Huevos!

Time to take the  original deviled eggs to task! This easy, delicious, and super Flustered recipe is sure to tantalize taste buds young and old! Perfect […]